Penwortham Bridge Methodist Church

Our Heritage

Stained Glass Windows

inside Church

Satined glass main

The original design of the magnificent window at the front of church was prepared in 1946 by Shrigley and Lunt. The firm of stained glass artists from John O'Gaunt Gate, Lancaster was founded in 1874, and  the theme of our window is the 'Te Deum' - Thanksgiving and Praise to God.

Our Lord is shown in majesty in the upper portion of the centre light. The lower portion portrays St John, representing the Apostles and the Prophets and Kings: Moses, King David and Isaiah respectively.The right hand light portrays the Martyrs and the Holy Church: St Katherine, St Cuthbert and St. Stephen.

In the tracery can be seen the symbols of the four evangelists : Matthew (an angel), Mark (a lion), Luke (an ox) and John (an eagle). The letters A (Alpha) and O (Omega) are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet -  the begining and the end.